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1 middle schooler, 1 very famous ghost, and a world learning to embrace
neurodiversity! Buckle up for one bumpy ride

What Is Vinnie The Musical About

This story follows Vinnie a middle schooler who’s recently been diagnosed with ADHD as he struggles to cope in a school, family and society not built for his success. Along the way he finds confidence in his love for the arts and learns the importance of using his voice with the help of a very famous ghostly friend Vincent Van Gogh. Accompanied by a pop-rock contemporary score, this is a journey of finding identity and self acceptance that challenges others to look beyond the surface of everyone they meet. 

This story reflects the multi-generational impacts of a world designed with a neurotypical mindset.The restless spirit of Vincent Van Gogh is drawn to an emerging artist only to find that despite it being over a century later not a lot of progress has been made since his time.In mentoring Vinnie in pursuit of a better outcome than he had they both find self healing and the chance to spark a change for minds of all kinds.Creating a World where neurodiverse individuals are built into the plan so they thrive not just survive and the Arts are valued and nurtured appropriately is The Dream!

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Vincent Effect

We subscribe to the view Gandhi articulated to “be the change that you want to see in the World”. The story of “Vinnie” reflects the opportunity for us as a Society to do better when it comes to embracing minds of all kinds.  The story does not place blame but instead highlights the opportunities we have to “be better”.  The “Vincent Effect” will be the actions taken to advance these opportunities and drive the changes that will allow us to realize the World we desire to live in. It honors the memory of Vincent Van Gogh, who was a creative whose life prematurely ended after struggling to fit in society, missing out on what should have been the best years of his life when his artistic genius received accolades after his death.

We view a sense of belonging as a human right that we as a society have a moral duty to provide and protect for all our members.

Be a part of the “Vincent Effect”

Join the Change- Donate to “Access 2 the Arts: Creativity, Success & Heart”

Initiatives Planned to progress through the donations received include:

v  Develop Vinnie the Musical to tell the story in communities everywhere to effect a more inclusive world for minds of all kinds.

v  Free Lesson Plans leveraging all learning styles,

v  Nurturing “Arts” in Schools and Communities

v  Character Development tools to promote Empathy and Inclusion/Belonging.

These are just a few ideas, and we look forward to discovering more as TOGETHER we change our World and promote inclusion and belonging and all the POSITIVITY it will bring.


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Team Behind Vinnie The Musical


Gabi (Librettist and Lyricist)

Gabi Ammirato (she/her is a singer songwriter, lyricist,) top-liner, dancer/choreographer, producer, and photographer. Gabi’s unique sound came from her exposure to music through dance since the age of 3.  Being a Dancer for most of her life Gabi is driven to create music that seeks to “move people to their soul”. She is a born “storyteller” and humanitarian committed to creating a world where everyone knows they are a unique and important member of our society. Gabi has recently completed her undergraduate at Berklee College of Music receiving a dual degree in Songwriting and Professional Music with concentrations in music business and music production. Gabi is now A Master from the Berklee NYC graduate program in Musical theater writing and design. Gabi has released 2 EPs. The first one entitled “Dramatic” which was recorded and released when she was 16 years old collaborating with professionals in Nashville in an artist development deal. This launched her musical journey leading her to Berklee. Last year Gabi released her Senior EP “Metamorphosis”, that holds 4 tracks which lead to being placed on the Americana charts for 16 weeks. Gabi has also completed through her studies the first Act of a new musical entitled “Have You Seen” as well as a first draft of a film musical entitled “Dissonance” which was a collaboration with a filmmaker in the Emerson Film Program. Gabi has been immersed in musical theater since a young age performing in local theaters and shows. Gabi is so excited to be coming back to her roots and bringing her contemporary sound to musical theater and share messages that she is passionate about to create change and start the conversation.

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Yen Nein (Composer and Lyricist)

Yen-Nien Hsu graduated from BerkleeNYC Writing and Design for Musical Theater in 2023. She is a composer, singer-songwriter, and arranger. She also has outstanding achievements in recording, mixing, producing, singing, and guitar. 
She’s writing the new musical “Vincent” and finished the first showcase in June. Other experiences in musical production: Xanadu – Guitarist; West Side Story – Maria, Vocal trainer; ANATAHAN – Music director assistant; The Night with a Ghost – Composer.
She produced various genres of pop songs, including pop-rock, ACG, and ballads, and released her original music on StreetVoice in 2020 and did some live shows in various performance spaces.

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Yen Nein (Composer and Lyricist)


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