About Vinnie The Musical

What Is Vinnie The Musical About

This story follows Vinnie a middle schooler who’s recently been diagnosed with ADHD as he struggles to cope in a school, family and society not built for his success. Along the way he finds confidence in his love for the arts and learns the importance of using his voice with the help of a very famous ghostly friend Vincent Van Gogh. Accompanied by a pop-rock contemporary score, this is a journey of finding identity and self acceptance that challenges others to look beyond the surface of everyone they meet. 
This story reflects the multi-generational impacts of a world designed with a neurotypical mindset. The restless spirit of Vincent Van Gogh is drawn to an emerging artist only to find that despite it being over a century later not a lot of progress has been made since his time. In mentoring Vinnie in pursuit of a better outcome than he had they both find self healing and the chance to spark a change for minds of all kinds. Creating a World where neurodiverse individuals are built into the plan so they thrive not just survive and the Arts are valued and nurtured appropriately is The Dream!

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